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Session Fees (Be sure to scroll to the bottom for print pricing)

Mini Session $40

This is a 15 minute quick session. It is typically 1 background, 1-2 outfits.
$40 session fee must be paid at time of booking.

Basic Session $60
This is a 30 minute session. It is typically 2-4 outfits and is great for when you don't need a full session.
$40 non-refundable deposit toward session fee must be paid at time of booking.

Full Session $85
The one hour session fee is $85.
For 2 hour sessions the fee is $150.
$50 non-refundable deposit toward session fee must be paid at time of booking.

For any weekend shoot add $20
For sessions with 10+ people add $20, for 20+ people add $40

You will receive private access to an online gallery of your photos for 2 weeks.
Photos are usually ready to view within 2-4 business days. Prints take approx 4-5 business days to come in.

Once the photos expire I can re-list your gallery if I still have your photos but the packages are slightly higher than the initial prices.

Sessions are for the length of time that is booked. If you think you need more time ask me about booking additional time. I frequently have sessions scheduled at regular intervals so your session time begins at your appointed time. I am usually not able to go over on time so do your best to arrive on time so it doesn't cut into your session time.

Prints and Files
Print packages are available from $149. You save money by ordering the packages.
Individual print pricing begins at $7 for 4x6 prints, $10 for 5x7s and $20 for 8x10s.
Larger sizes and custom collages are available.

Digital Files
The Mini Digital package is 20 images on disk with release. That's less than $12 per image!

The "I Want it All" package includes a CD with ALL your images with a release AND 20 5x7 prints.

Online Images
If requested I will post any ordered images 4x6 and larger on the Mandy Ballard Photography Facebook page for free!  You can tag yourself in them and save to your own profile page. This does not include proof-books.